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Willie J. Rodiguez

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8 Tips For Winning Slot Machine


Slot machines are most glitzy arcade game at casinos and online. Almost all casinos have hundreds of slots each one different from the other. Slot machines are often made based on box office hits like “The golden nugget slot which is based on the box office hit Anchorman. Taking your time and developing a good strategy will prove to be very useful as there are more slots than any other game in a casino.

These tips will help you sort out your strategy on how to win on a slot whether you are a seasoned pro or just a newbie.

Playing a higher denomination

Going with a slot having higher denominations will increase your chances of winning the jackpot significantly. The slots with higher denomination are more likely to give you a larger pay out and hence we should always play them more than all other slots.

The payback percentages of slot games of higher denominations are higher and are relative to the bet or the price of the spin.

Betting the maximum

Getting all the slot lines activated is an excellent way of giving yourself a better chance of winning the jackpot. The best way to get all the slot lines activated is by betting the maximum amount. Betting the maximum increases your chances of hitting a payout.

Choose a simple game

The more complex your slot game is the lower are your odds of hitting the jackpot. So another way of improving your chances of winning is by choosing a slot which is comparatively less complex. Even though complex games can be very fun, keeping track of all the combos, multipliers and bonuses can be really hard because of the game speed. So the best option is to avoid complicated slot as their odds are really low and you are probably just wasting money on it.

Slot Machine

Do not wait for due payouts

When we play games which rely completely on luck for the outcomes, it’s common for players to keep playing the game in hopes that every time they play the chances of them winning it is getting higher. This is very foolish because contrary to what some people say, all outcomes of a slot machine are produced completely at random by an RSG(Random sequence generator). So no matter how many times you spin the slot, the chances of you winning the slot game remain the same.

Avoid tight slot games

There are slot games which are hard to win at and never seem to hit no matter how many times you play it. They are programmed to be hard to win so that people waste their money endlessly. They are more common than you think but on the bright side there are loose slots also.